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Eterra Classic

The Eterra is the original "log vape". It is also known as the Classic Eterra. It has been discontinued. This vaporizer is considered the inspiration and base point of all log vaporizers being manufactured today. It established several characteristics which are now considered inherent to the log style such as removable stems incorporating the mouthpiece and crucible, few electronics (as the element is directly wired to the power supply) and heats up to a specific temperature at which it remains until power is lost. This vaporizer is discontinued and considered a collectors item.

  • Type: Passive convection
  • Heat source: 12-Volt ceramic resistor
  • MSRP: Collectors Item
  • Made in: USA
  • Website: Click Here
  • FC thread: Click Here

Eterra Moxie

Eterra Movie with Battery Pack

The Eterra Moxie is a version of the Eterra with a form factor of roughly half the size of the Classic Eterra. It was sold with a 10 cell NiMH rechargeable 12v pack and was compatible with any 12v power supply.

Unlike the Classic, the stems for the Moxie were made out of glass. The Moxie did not have a warranty, rather could only be sent back for a refund. The battery pack was not returnable, but was however "guaranteed to work".

This vaporizer is discontinued

Eterra Tulip

Top view of the Tulip

The Eterra Tulip is a redesigned Eterra in which the heater core is exposed to the air while in operation to ensure the unit does not overheat. The core's enclosure is a flexible perforated metal wrap which can be removed by the user for storage.

This vaporizer is discontinued