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The Ascent by DaVinci is a dual purpose portable vaporizer manufactured by US-based electronic cigarette company Organicix, LLC. The Ascent is capable of directly vaporizing plant matter, as well as being compatible with extracts such as oil through the use of an included oil cartridge. The Ascent has many attractive features such as the first all glass-on-glass design for a portable, dual mouthpieces, a 3+hour battery, programmable digital temperature control, dual functionality (plant and oil), motion-sensor and auto-shutoff, and an OLED display featuring a temperature readout. The unit is brushed aluminum cast body, in three styles: Matte Black, Burl Wood, and Crocodile Skin. In the future, there will be customizable styles available.

Organicix, LLC has maintained a very positive manufacturer presence on the FC forums since before the release of the original DaVinci vaporizer.

Rendering of the Wood Style Ascent


  • Type: Direct Draw
  • Heat source: Passive Convection
  • MSRP: 249 USD
  • Designed in: US
  • Manufactured in: China
  • Website: Click Here
  • FC thread: Click Here
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • Available: Limited FC release starts 7/24/13. In American distribution channels by mid-August 2013. EU and SA distribution a "month or two later"

Features of the Ascent

What follows is a list of information from FuckCombustion on the Ascent pre-release thread and Ascent final thread compiled by forum member Nigel. Almost all items are directly from DaVinci's rep. Comments in [Brackets] are not.

As this is an unreleased product, details are subject to change.

Included in box

  • Ascent unit
  • 2 batteries (internal to the Ascent)
  • A wall charger
  • 2 glass mouthpieces
  • 2 glass internal components
  • 2 glass oil jars, with medical grade silicone lids
  • A cute little carrying satchel
  • A top mouthpiece cover
  • A little tool/poker (metal pick)
  • Screens [Metal. Not required for use. Just included as extra.]


  • All Glass Vapor Path
  • Glass Lined Ceramic Heating Element
  • Precision Digital Temperature Control (?-430°F or ?-221°C)
  • 3+ Hour Battery Life
  • Functional OLED Display (Personal Vape Cycles, Programmable Motion Timer)
  • Patented Dual Mouthpiece
  • Ability to vaporize herbs, soft oils, hard oils and glycerol liquids
  • Glass oil cartridges that will fit in the unit [needs to be upright for oil]
  • GonG adapter in progress [from a design by FC member Adobewan


  • Glass on glass
  • There is another internal glass sleeve inside the unit (has the screen on its end). So, when the glass straw is extended, it is still inside another glass sleeve
  • Pyrex Stem and screen replaceable [ships with spares]
  • Hugged by a silicone sleeve [prevents both breakage and stem slipping out]
  • Can completely remove the stem and screen for cleaning
  • Glass screen -- [can add included metal screens if desired]
  • Glass stem manually extracted


  • Width:~17.0mm x 9.28mm
  • Height: ~17mm
  • The bowl is glass lined ceramic
  • Bowl NOT removable
  • Oven works similar to the Davinci, in a convection fashion, but with a faster heat up time
  • Heat up time averages 55 seconds, and it will heat to 430°F
  • The chamber is about 30% bigger than that of the DV [UNCONFIRMED: But seems to be ~0.3 from reviews on FC]
  • Bottom of the vape swivels out to expose the bowl and makes it easy to pack/clean
  • Mostly Convection based
  • New type of insulation that really holds in the heat
  • Heating element in bottom
  • The entire outside of the ceramic bowl is lined with a thin heat film, but below the bowl is also a small "tail" that will allow air to start to heat prior to actually hitting the inner bowl (4/28)
  • Oil cans can be dropped in bowl. May be used with or without oil can lids


  • 3+ hour battery life- this unit contains 2 rechargeable non-REMOVABLE lithium ion batteries. [Although the initial design was to have removable batteries, the design had to be altered due to liability and insurance reasons.]
  • Batteries charge in place
  • [SPECULATION: 2 Panasonic IMR Hybrid High Drain 18650 2250mAH Li-Ion batteries]
  • The current DaVinci car charger does indeed work with the Ascent.
  • No USB charging
  • Can use while charging.
  • Can use the DaVinci wall-wart charger, but cannot use the Ascent while charging with the older charger.


  • Functional OLED Display (Personal Vape Cycles, Programmable Motion Timer)
  • Reads out to Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Precision Digital Temperature Control (?-430°F or ?-221°C)
  • Function that allows the user to adjust the setting of vaporizer temperature automatically. For example, you set it to stay at 360 for 3 mins, go up to 375º for 2 mins and then to 380º for 2 mins [complex programable temp patterns]
  • The temperature is completely variable and you can set it to 100ºC if you'd like
  • 2 power button - a master in the mouthpiece and then the temperature button on the screen [this prevents accidental turn on whilst in pocket]
  • Built-in motion sensor and a timer function for auto-shut off
All of the Ascent models at release


  • The finish is a brushed aluminum cast body all around.
    • "Burl Wood" -- Wood model will use a high tech printing/brushed aluminum with a thin water based printing on the aluminum
    • "Stealth" -- Black Rubberized with Black Aluminum Sides.
    • "Croc Skin" -- Simulated/FAUX Croc skin pattern on leather & Silver aluminum


  • Grill is 304 stainless steel
  • Hides a little master power button [UNVERIFIED: So, this is in addition to the button in the mouthpiece?]
  • Charger plugs in through hole in grill


  • 4.47" (119.36mm) tall, 2.24" (56.85mm) across and 1.03" (26.04mm) wide.
  • Weight: 6.8oz -- About equal to the DaVinci


  • We will ship to Europe, as all of our products are 110-240v and will likely have these in our EU distributors hands a month or so after our US release. I know not all vaporizer companies do this..but I like to wait to have our CE certification before entering the market.
  • Avail in SA June/July

Future possibilities

  • Customization will be coming 3rd quarter
  • Customized mouthpieces, preferably hand blow
  • Steampunk designs and allowing the user to see the vapor trail through the unit
  • (a "surprise" for the grill is coming in the future.)


The company is Organicix, LLC and the brands are Karma and DaVinci. Ascent is a model.